kilimanjaro climbing

Kilimanjaro highest peak called Uhuru standing at 5895 meters above the sea level is the highest peak in Africa and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. It is very unique and rare to have snow since it’s located near the equator at 200 miles.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

When to climb?

There are main two seasons for climbing Kilimanjaro. They are dry(June to October) and wet seasons (April to June). The dry season is referred to as the peak season.

During peak season, the weather is usually good with warm conditions making it easy for climbing Kilimanjaro and higher summit success rate. However being peak season is not because of weather but because the time coincides with American and European summer holiday.

Alternative time for climbing is from January to March where the weather is neither cold nor wet. The timing is best suitable for hikers who prefer less crowds of people.

Full Moon on Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro usually has beautiful views on the summit night. Now imagine hiking on full moon which creates such amazing and unforgettable experience with the most magnificent view.

Attempting the climb on full moon makes it much easier since it illuminates the path and creates beautiful scenery of the glaciers. It is also easy for the hikers since they don’t have to wear head lamps.

The table below shows the 2019 Full Moon Dates

New moon First quarter Full moon Last quarter
18 December 26 December 2 January 9 January
17 January 25 January 31 January 7 February
16 February 23 February 2 March 9 March
17 March 24 March 31 March
Blue Moon
8 April
16 April 23 April 30 April 8 May
15 May 22 May 29 May 6 June
13 June 20 June 28 June 6 July
13 July 19 July 27 July
Lunar eclipse
14 August
11 August 18 August 26 August 3 September
9 September 17 September 25 September 2 October
9 October 16 October 24 October 31 October
7 November 15 November 23 November 30 November
7 December 15 December 22 December 29 December