Mount Kilimanjaro Cultural and Hiking Tour for 4 Days

Kilimanjaro Mountain, Roof of Africa


Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain on the African continent and the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

With the height of 5,895 meters (19,340 feet) above sea level, Kilimanjaro is the most climbed mountain on foot direct from the entry point to the summit and has attracted more than 30,000 climbers annually from all over the world.

It has about 7 different entry gates whereby each gates provide unique attributes and favorable conditions to different types of climbers. The best way to choose the correct route is to use an experience guide who will suggest the best route for you after collecting  important details about you and you trekking plan and goals. Factors that most affect choose one route over the others are, climber experience in mountain climbing, climber ability and toughness to climb higher altitudes, acclimatization duration and quality, Climber age, Climber needs and interest.

This article will focus on short time activities arroung Mount Kilimanjaro in Marangu area.

Marangu Walking and Cultural Tours for 2 days

Marangu Local Market

Marangu Cultural tour offers opportunity for visitors to watch traditional blacksmiths, visit nearby caves and waterfalls as well as experience life in the village. Marangu is the home of the Chagga tribe and is still an authentic tribal village. On clear day view of Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen from this point.

Kilimanjaro Hiking 2 Days

Marangu walking Tours

Hiking Kilimanjaro via marangu route involve walking up to Mandara Hut at 9,000 above sea level and take about 3 to 4 hours on day 1.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see the black and white colobus monkeys scurrying through the dense forest. ON day 2 you can hike uphill trail through the glades of the rainforest and head toward the open moorlands and the Horombo camp. Kibo and Mawenzi’s breathtaking sights will be on display for us. Look for enormous lobelias and groundsels as we pass through the Alpine Zone of the mountain.

Conclusion and Remarks

Marangu is a fascinating destination and has a lot of tour attractions than listed above. In order to benefit from your tour experience make sure you obtain an experience guide will a lot of knowledge about Marangu.

Traveling with these packed items will be a good idea

• warm sleeping bag (comfort range up to -12 degrees)
• Gore-Tex jacket or a warm jacket for the summit day
• soft shell jacket, raincoat or rain poncho
• fleece-pullover
• comfortable hiking pants
• wind and waterproof over-trousers
• possibly gaiters
• a pair of ankle-high hiking shoes (shoes, that are already broken in)
• a pair of light hiking shoes or sneakers
• warm gloves, possibly also inner gloves
• hiking socks, for the summit day warm hiking socks
• warm hat (fleece) for the summit day
• sun hat, peaked cap or headscarf
• scarf
• daypack (approx. 20-35 litre volume) with rain protection (in case you have no poncho)
• LED headlamp with spare batteries
• sunglasses
• sports or functional underwear
• medium-sized trekking towel
• sun cream and lip balm with high sun protection factor
• travel first aid kit (pavement, bladder patches, painkillers, diarrhoea medication, etc.)
• energy bars, dextrose
• earplugs
• toilet paper, handkerchiefs
• travel toiletry bag with personal hygiene products

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