Balloon Safari -Tanzania

Balloon Safaris in Serengeti

The most popular program extension which is available for all overnight safaris stay at any of the central Serengeti Lodges and or campsites. It starts from your lodge/campsite to the launch site
The balloon usually takes- off around dawn and a flight of around one-hour duration. However, the actual duration of the flight depends on the wind and weather conditions of the day.
Part of the flight will be at an altitude of at least 1 000 feet for magnificent panoramic views of the plains, another part will be at tree top height for unique views of wildlife.
The balloons are equipped with ‘whisper’ burners to minimize the noise of the burns necessary to navigate the balloon. Periods of ‘burn’ are quite a small proportion of the flight so there are many intervals of complete silence. The flight is totally smooth and feels windless since the balloon is travelling at wind speed. The variety and numbers of animals and birds seen will vary with the time of year, conditions and luck but everything that is seen is from an original and exciting viewpoint.
After landing there is a champagne toast, and then customers are taken to a very distinct breakfast prepared for guest on the open plains of Serengeti under the shade of an umbrella tree. After the meal, everyone is returned to lodge to proceed with normal itinerary schedule.

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